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When dealing with extraterrestrial and ufological matters I use to introduce myself as a retired Brazilian electronics engineer, aged 65, who has been, since a long time, one of those able to testify on the reality of the "nuts and bolts" highly advanced kind of UFO because one of them crossed the highway near enough to stall the car in which I was in with my parents, barely a teenager at the time.

It was a very simple kind of sighting, just a flying whitish object about ten meters wide, looking like a reversed soup plate glued upon another, silently cruising the valley that goes up the first steps of the Petropolis mountain range near Rio de Janeiro, moving slowly at low altitude, a couple of hundred meters ahead of the car.

After the initial shock my family decided it had to be one of the nazi secret weapons taken from the Germans by one of the allied powers [the year was 1949, and yes, they were a smart and well informed kind of people] and soon forgot the whole thing.

During the following years I occasionally read about the UFO phenomenon and became more and more convinced that all impartial research pointed to a situation where our planet is subjected to an important alien presence.

Presently I can't do less than absolutely agree with Steven Greer and others like him that think this situation is kept secret by a very powerful military-industrial steering group derived from the wartime Manhattan Project, that escaped governmental control.

So I heartfeltedly praise the effort Dr Greer and the Disclosure Project team are undertaking to awaken the USA Congress -- and the rest of the world -- to the great importance of this matter, using the clever strategy of concentrating on the testimony of old military officers and civilian officials of good standing and impeccable careers.

Up to the present time he has refrained himself and has successfully avoided to bring up all controversial matter, including the supremely important question of what motivates the extraterrestrial presence among us...and rightly so, because, as Greer himself noted in one of his "position papers", the ET civilizations are likely to have very different sociological and ethical values compared to what we are accustomed to.

But, even agreeing with him that we must be very careful in selecting the words we use to communicate the truth that we can verify, that doesn't mean that we mustn't confront difficult issues like the probable interference of ETs with human evolution, and the so called "abductions" and "cattle mutilations" questions -- that Greer is prone to interpret as well intentioned "clinical examinations" and "farm animal dissections".

The inclination to see all extraterrestrial activities under a favorable light derives from the supposition that ancient civilizations, hundreds of thousands or millions of years older than our own must necessarily be benign, that is, morally evolved along lines we think must universally prevail.

Besides that, our religious upbringing makes it difficult to accept the possibility that the moral quality of our heavenly brothers (or competitors, or masters, or a combination of these) could be left to chance alone, by a benign, endowing God, preoccupied with us human beings, as his preferred children -- a strong judeo-christian-mohammedan notion.

The problem is that nature isn't showing any evidence that there could be such a thing as preferred children. Despite Einstein, God seems to be playing dice all the time.

So we must fend for ourselves and accept the fact that we are not living in a well-guarded planet, divinely protected against inimical alien interference. And consequently we have to be attentive to all bad signs, because, if reality is like that, we are exposed to all imaginable dangers inherent to the wild west quality of our cosmic frontier, a promising, beautiful, but savage place, with no fences, sheriffs, circuit judges nor courts of appeal.

That is why we must oblige ourselves to examine attentively all data we have about the sensitive issues, including "cattle mutilations" and the scarcer but -- as you are going to see in the first of the following essays -- very difficult to deny cases of "human mutilations".





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